Abbey Metals Europe S.L is a family owned business with more than 60 years of experience in the metals world, complementing the first family business dedicated to the supply of construction materials.

In the large market of constuction materials, we couldn’t help noticing the great potential of lead, converting this metal into our star product, from its excellent properties that make it a number one option for different applications, to its  irreplaceable character.

We are dedicated to the manufacture and the commercialization of different codes of lead sheet, under the European Norm EN 12588. Lead of top quality that we export, at a national and international level, with very good results.

We also manufacture solderwire ( Sn-Pb / Sn-Cu and Sn-Ag) at very competitive prices.

All our products go through an exhaustive control at all production stages. From the use of first quality metals to the analysis of the final result. Due to this, we guarantee our client security, confidence and quality.